Instagram++ is a powerful app. It’s no longer that essential photo sharing app that you utilized to use. Now users can do much more such as direct messaging other people, share photos as well as stories that will disappear after 24 hours (Instagram Stories), enhance their pictures with the in-depth filter tools as well as many more.

Instagram is a simple way to detain as well as share the world’s moments. Follow your family and friends to observe what they’re up to as well as discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of over one billion people as well as express yourself by sharing entire the moments of your day — the highlights and everything in between, too.

Features Instagram++

  • Save any picture or video shared on Instagram to your Camera Roll.
  • Mute as well as un-mute users from showing up in your Instagram feed.
  • Tap and hold on any image or video on to view a higher resolution of it.
  • Hide sponsored posts from appearing in your Instagram feed.
  • Share photos from Instagram with an iOS share sheet anywhere you’d like.
  • Read shortest messages sent to you without letting the sender recognize you read it.
  • See complete time stamps of posts by tapping on the time estimates.
  • Spoof Instagram statistics (for you only, no one else may see your spoofs).
  • Zoom in as well as out of images in your Instagram feed.

How to Download Instagram ++ From Tweakbox

The fact that you don’t require a jailbreak to use it is an enormous bonus because it makes the app available to everyone. Download TweakBox app installer.

Download iOS

  • Launch TweakBox app on your phone.
  • Utilizing the search facility, search Instagram++ as well as download it.
  • Follow any instructions you observe on the screen.
  • While the app has installed, open it as well as check out entire the cool innovative additions.

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